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Outpatient Psychotherapist

Job description

Job Type: Full-Time or Part-Time Contract, Remote/TelehealthReclaim Life Counseling, LLC is a small business that is both minority-owned and woman-owned. Our mission is to do what we can to help improve the accessibility of psychotherapy services for those in need. We take pride in committing to excellence and client-centered care and are looking for someone who values the same. The ideal team member would be an upbeat and self-driven individual who is seeking contract work in a low-stress environment.

  • Provide telehealth psychotherapy services.
  • Be able to manage time and schedule independently.
  • Be comfortable with all company activities conducted via telephone and video.
  • Commit to timely and clinically driven documentation.
  • Be available to clients for clinical interventions outside of sessions, within reason, and as needed.
  • Maintain compliance with clinical licenses, applicable certifications, and individual malpractice insurance.
  • Seek supervision or consultation when appropriate or as requested.
  • Have a private space, computer, personal phone, and reliable internet access.

Pay Structure:

Fee for Service | Percentage Split

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